In the spring of 2007 a project was organised at a primary school in Amsterdam about Cultural Inheritance. Within the framework of this project one of the teachers focussed on the Jewish traces in the neighbourhood of the school. The aim of this work was to bring the children into contact with the history of the neighbourhood and the Jewish traces and culture.

Although the neighbourhood around the Frederiksplein is not seen as a Jewish neighbourhood it was soon discovered that there are still many traces of Jewish life. This information was very valuable and it would have been a waste to only use this information for a project that lasted for 3 weeks.
During the project, the desire to make the website more professional grew. The first website won a price for the school.

This website is expanding all the time. When you have new information, or when you find errors, please inform us. You can mail us here.

From January 2008 parts of the website were translated. This will not be finished overnight, so please come back.
An interactive map with most of the places of this website is available on the main page. Click this map, or follow “diversen” and “kaart”.

This website goes further than the old one. Information from other parts of the city, and information that is important for Jewish life and culture, is brought together. The original quest of the old website is transformed into a walking tour and it is the intention to make walking tours through other parts of the city.
Since 2009 a website about Jewish Rotterdam was also developed, it can be reached via this link: Joodserfgoedrotterdam.