Searching for

A Swedish investigator is looking for anybody who has information aboutb the following persons:

  1. Doris Rosenthal, nee Abrahamsson, was born in Malmö. She married Shimon Rozental from Bialystok and they moved to Lodz, Poland. They got one son, Nakhum.

The whole family was murdered in Treblinka according to her sister Mrs Edit Asta Weiss, nee Abrahamsson, that in 1999 reported this to Yad Vashem. A friend of the investigator called the telephonenumber of Asta that was mentioned but there was another family that answered. He does not Asta is still alive but if she got any children I would like to get in contact with them to see if they got more info about Doris.

Their brother, Erni (or Erno) Abrahamson, has also reported to Yad Vashem about Doris. Him, or his kids, would be nice to get in contact with.

  1. Harriet Karin Hess. I´m not sure if she lives in Holland or Israel but her brother Harry Naftalie has lived there. Harry Fredrik married a N. Breiner in Tel Aviv on January 6, 1974.


  1. According to Yad Vasjem Selli Hirshfeld had a sister Beti Viner living in Israel.

  1. About Magda Berrmans fosterdaughter Roska Polak …….

Roska Polka remarried of December 27, 1946 to Jacques François van der Leeuw (The Hague, March 18, 1913). They got 2 children: Ingrid (1947) and Patricia (1949).

Any information can be sent to us, we will gladly forward it to the investigator, Jan Samuelsson.